Strawberry Line to Clevedon

Our partners...

The Strawberry Line Society (SLS), started the ball rolling in 1978. It’s a registered charity and extended the railway path to Cheddar. We work in co-operation with the SLS. 

The Strawberry Line Association (SLA) is an association of groups like us interested in extending the line.

"That Copy Shop", Clevedon

The guys here really helped us out with some amazing ideas on what our logo should be. Thanks! There’s way more to them than your average copy shop, check their site out

Curzon cinema, Clevedon

One of Clevedon’s most wonderful assets is the community powered cinema. We’re very proud be be supported by the organisers here. Check their site out, or even better, go see a movie.

And thanks to our sponsors...

Polycrown kindly supplied our beautiful banner! We’re using it on our public outings.


67 Barista Barber, Clevedon

These guys paid for our website (hope you liked it by the way!). If you need a hair cut and/or coffee you should swing by on Hill Road…

There are other campaigns related to ours. Can you help with them too?