People’s stories

People sent us more than 300 stories to tell us why they want this extension.

One striking thing was how important safety is to people.

Here are just some of them (those from people who gave us permission to share them).

Me, my partner and children regularly cycle in and around yatton, we have cycled to clevedon but on the very busy road, it’s so dangerous that we cycle the long way round .. Ken moor road..

It will be a good way for my friends and I to get to Clevedon as there is no bus going from where I live to Clevedon and is much better than getting a lift. We’d probably end up going to Clevedon more often and also we would go on bike rides more which is great exercise.

I would love to cycle to Clevedon, but the road between Yatton and Clevedon is just not safe enough – especially with the number of HGV’s that run through to and from the M5. At 57, would be a wonderful way to keep fit!

There are now no buses between Clevedon and Yatton so this would provide a safe way for people travel

Safely exploring the county on two wheels is a healthy fun activity but safety is important. Cycle tour are essential to promote cycling.

Dangerous on the road. Families can do the strawberry line mainly off road but have to stop at Yatton it would be nice to continue to Clevedon

We would love to be able to walk/cycle as a family to see my parents in Yatton, but at the moment the roads are too dangerous for my kids – a cycle path/path would mean we could leave the car at home!

A cycle path connecting Clevedon to Yatton would mean my family and I could get on to the path much quicker and not need to drive to cycle! We would love this extra link and it would open up more of a route for cyclists, walkers and runners.

I’ve recently bought an electric bike because of my COPD this enables me to get out and about with friends having picnics on the way and looking at the views so to be able to go further on the Strawberry Line without the worry of traffic is priceless and a lovely way to meet other people or take our grandchildren with us you have my support

Because there is no safe way to walk from Yatton to Clevedon and it is a very busy stretch of road for families to cycle along.

It would reduce car use and enable cycle travel to Weston’/ Clevedon car & pollution free. This woukd assist in reducing carbon footprints and development of a natural area for bees, meadow flowers for everones enjoyment and wellbeing.

Both the main Rd to Clevedon and alternative over the Moors is dangerous on foot and on push bike.

I would like to cycle with my grandchildren to Yatton to go on to the Strawberry line.. Alas the main road is far too dangerous with the traffic using this road increasing every day with the mass of new housing being built in Yatton. Also when wanting to use ones car less and to use the train more it would be nice to cycle the relatively short distance from Clevedon to Yatton railway station. Again the road makes its far too dangerous.

I’d love to be able to commute to Clevedon by bike but I don’t feel safe cycling on the local roads with the level of heavy traffic and narrow lanes. And now there is no bus service connecting Yatton and Clevedon it feels even more important to have some form of link which can be used without taking my car.

I enjoy leaving the hub bub off Weston to park in Winscombe and go the running or walking the Streberry line,not only is it peaceful , it is also a beautiful route with lots of natural wild life and plants

I live in Yatton and often cycle the Strawberry Line, it would be amazing to be able to go the other way for a day out in Clevedon, it’s just too dangerous to do that route on the road with my nieces

I live in Weston super Mare, and have a business client in Clevedon. Having been knocked off my bike by a car I prefer not to cycle on the road. I have tried cycling the current St. George’s > Bourton > Hewish > Congresbury > Yatton > Kenn route and the proposed Strawberry line route would eliminate a dangerous section of on-road cycling. In conjunction with the proposed Tutshill crossing it would greatly encourage cycling in the area.

I would love to cycle to work instead of using my car but the roads are too busy and narrow. This path would make a big difference

To provide a safe, environmentally friendly recreational area for families to enjoy exercising together.

I regular run on the Strawberry Line between Congresbury and Yatton and cycle to Clevedon. The national cycle paths between Yatton and Clevedon are very narrow with few passing spaces. The new cycle route will encourage greater uptake of cycling in the area and allow for commuting by bike between Yatton, Congresbury and beyond to Clevedon.

There is no safe way to walk or cycle to Clevedon from the train station. I have made the walk in pitch black due to not being able to get a taxi. Also I want my children to cycle with me and Clevedon has so many facilities that would be so much better for the roads if we could cycle together as a family safely to get shopping and visit the Marine Lake

I need the strawberry so I can feel safe while riding. I would get on my bike to cycle from Yatton to Clevedon to go to Tesco. This would cut down on pollution and save many car journeys.

I love going on cycle rides and this path would make that part alot safer

I am an avid social cyclist, so me it would mean safety. But also support a wheelchair user, having this accessibility from Thier home in Clevedon would open up more opportunities to get out and about safely rather than using unsafe pavements and non paved roads.

The strawberry line allows people to enjoy the local heritage, vista and scenery in an environment that is safe and avoids main roads. I for one prefer to use the strawberry line as opposed to try to cycle to Yatton via the main roads. I also love to walk and walking to yatton across country is lovely whatever the weather.

I regularly cycle between Nailsea, Yatton, Clevedon and Portishead before returning. I have noticed over the years that the amount of vehicular traffic between Yatton and Clevedon has increased significantly in particular heavy vehicles. The proposed route would make the cycle much more safe and therefore pleasant.

This link with the current Strawberry Line at Yatton would extend the opportunity of active social participation in activities that have significant health benefits for thousands of people in Clevedon and beyond and in an environment that would be safe and free from traffic. A REAL contribution to improve life for all !!

I live in Clevedon and work in North Bristol. When I can in the better weather I like to cycle and use the train, as it is the only sensible public transport, but the road route to Yatton is dangerous. So even when it would be good to cycle/train I end up using the car, not vert environmentally friendly. Also for recreation my wife and I love the Strawberry Line but getting there from Clevedon puts us off. We could do the same as some of our neighbours and use the car to carry the bikes there but that somewhat misses the point, plus we end up paying for car parking to go cycling!

Cycling along the highway between Clevedon and Yatton is very dangerous especially if you are riding with children. A traffic free route to Yatton will make a safe and pollution free route to cycle with family to join up with the main path at the station. This will provide a cheap and safe way to exercise.

We have moved to Clevedon recently and work in Bristol. We would prefer to cycle and take public transport to arrive at our work destinations, however with route at present particularly hazardous driving seems to be our only option as the bus service doesn’t fit with our schedules. Also the route would be a fantastic addition to the strawberry line at present which we use regularly for family bike rides.

I am a keen runner, cyclist and bird watcher. I frequently use the local paths (including the existing Strawberry Line) for these activities. Furthermore, my nearest train station is Yatton and I would prefer to walk or cycle there rather than drive due to environmental considerations . I believe that the extension to Clevedon is wholly supported by a number of Central and Local Government policies including those intended to support better health and environment outcomes. Finally, walking from Clevedon to Yatton is all but impossible to do safely, and cycling can be pretty perilous.

I live in Yatton and work in Clevdon. I would like to cycle to work but the road is dangerous.

This will make the strawberry line much more accessible from Clevedon, a lot safer than cycling along the moors to access it 🙂

I live in yatton and work in Clevedon (skf). I would cycle to work everyday if was safe, but either using the main road or the Moors road is just not an option. There are very few safe over-taking stretches on either of these routes, so drivers take risks and put cyclists lives in danger.

I often cycle from Winscombe to Cheddar, it would be great not to have to worry about the traffic on the road between Yatton and Clevedon, and it would provide a great wildlife habitat

The road is so narrow and has dangerous blind bends where all vehicles go too fast

Last year I wanted to go in to Bristol by public transport on a Sunday. The train was easy but the buses were few and far between. I would love to be able to cycle to my nearest station and continue my journey by train from there

Recently moved to Clevedon and have spent much of my first month here exploring the area on my bike. The back lanes are lovely, but the Yatton road is a nightmare to ride on. The cycle path would not only be great for safety and the environment, but would also encourage many nervous riders to cycle. Especially attractive is the idea that one could cycle to Yatton to catch a train.

I have used the Strawberry Line to cycle from Yatton to Winscombe. As I live in Clevedon I have driven to Yatton with my bike on the back of the car, which rather defeats the twin objects of taking exercise and reducing vehicle miles.Being able to cycle from Clevedon to Axbridge or Cheddar would be a real boon!

I would like to see the path extended to encourage more use of sustainable transport and a safe place to walk and cycle for all people of all ages. Being out in a safe healthy environment has proven to increase physical and mental well being, I have personally benefited from this after a serious illness, it would also encourage more diverse wildlife, the line is a natural extension from Yatton to Clevedon it would (with existing and proposed housing developments) encourage more people to use rail connections at Yatton taking motor traffic off of already overused road systems.

cycled from yatton to cheddar many times, will be glad of an extension

Not to have to load all the bikes onto the car. Then having to drive to yatton and get the bikes off.And then having to load them back onto the car after our ride. Makes it feel hard before we start.

My son lives in Clevedon and would use the cycle path to connect with the railway at Yatton in order to go into Bristol for work. This would mean less road traffic in Bristol and the family is less likely to need 2 cars.

To be able to ride a bike in safety and exploring nature

We need the path to allow us to travel safely from Yatton to Clevedon to see our daughter and grandchild without having to use the car. Similarly they would be able to travel to us, with all the economic, health and environmental benefits this would provide.

I’ve been regularly cycling based from Clevedon at weekends for 20 or so years, and the main Kenn Rd from Clevedon to Yatton is one that I always try to avoid because, even as an experienced cyclist, it often feels unsafe because of the width of the road, bends, and traffic. A safer cycling route would make this a much safer journey, would avoid frustration to car/van/lorry drivers who have to slow down (hopefully) for us, and would open up a wider range of cycling destinations.

I live in Cheltenham, 50 miles from Edwards in Clevedon. I’m prepared to use the train even though it takes a long time but I just can’t justify a taxi from Yatton station every morning. I have a folding bike but the road is not safe for cycling. That in its self is an outrage! We need better driving behaviour first and foremost but even failing that the pollution is too high. A separated cycle and walking path would allow me to commute on the train.

I love to cycle to Cheddar from Clevedon, when I have a free afternoon, during the week. But it is not safe at all to use the main road from Clevedon to Yatton and the other option is not much better, with cars and tractors competing for the single track that you are also trying to use safely.

I use this strawberry line to run to and from Cheddar. Having a connecting route will make my run a much safer run.

I work in Bristol and live in Clevedon. Opening up the strawberry line will allow me a safe cycle to Yatton to catch the train. This would mean no longer needing to drive, thereby reducing pollution and congestion.

With the withdrawal of the bus service between Yatton and Clevedon it is vital that a safe walking and cycling route is made available without delay

I am a keen cyclist, but I am very concerned about the safety of our roads. I use the existing Strawberry Line path frequently, but getting to it from Clevedon is not very safe. The B road is very busy. The lane from Clevedon Court is a rat-run, and because it is very straight cars go very fast along it. A safer route is much needed.In my days before retirement I had to travel by train occasionally. The extension to the Strawberry line would have been very useful for cycling to Yatton station.

A cycle path between Yatton and Clevedon would encourage more people to travel to and from these places on their own steam, as apposed to driving the car. As I don’t own a car and the bus between Yatton and Clevedon isn’t the best I always have to arrange a lift to and from the train station and a safe cycle path would give me the freedom to come and go as I please. Not only this I would finally get to take my younger brother for a ride along the strawberry line, which he often asks to do, but seeing as we have to travel to get there this hardly happens.

It would provide safe and useful facilities for “social” cyclists

For safety reasons due to the lack of pavements on the Yatton to Clevedon road and the cyclists who take their lives in their hands when they use the road also.

The possibility of travelling by bike or foot across from the current Strawberry line to the coasts at beautiful Victorian Clevedon is most exciting. Another contribution to ensuring a sustainable future.

We love walking out in the beautiful North Somerset countryside. It lifts the spirit and enriches the soul. It’s also a healthy and envigorating means of exercise. A footpath from Clevedon to Yatton would be a fantastic addition to our routes and one we don’t have to take the car to start.

I have kids, I work in Bristol, what better way of getting exercise and avoiding the car than walking or cycling safely to yatton for work or as a family, getting on a train or continuing along the strawberry line ? Good for the environment , great for quality of life !

Love cycling and walking on the current Strawberry Line but the stretch of road from Clevedon to Yatton is horrific – cars and heavy vehicles rush past far too close to cyclists. Also the bus route to Yatton has just been axed again so I have no other way of getting to Yatton Station

We drive to the Strawberry Line to let our small children cycle safely. It would be amazing to be able to do that from Clevedon. Also, I work in Bristol and get the train from Yatton. I drive at present, but the cycle path would allow me to use that and cut down on traffic.

As a cycling pensioner, I could visit family in Clevedon, and not have to use my car. No brainer.

I have just moved to Clevedon, having lived in Bristol for 15 years. I have to drive to Filton most days but have started to ride to Yatton station to avoid using the car as I’ve always cycled to work and as a hobby. Naturally a cycle link would be amazing to access the Bristol train network, particulalry as the ride through Kenn is dangerous for cyclists especially in the dark. Many times I’ve taken my kids cycling on the Strawberry Line so linking to Clevedon just makes sense, it would make Clevedon a destination for cyclists immediately and bring in lots of positive tourism. I’ve also explored the coastl walking path (on bike) which is amazing, such potential there like in Wales to open uop the coast to cyclists and walkers, with the above beneifts it would bring. This section of the Strawberry Line really should just be the start of developing a better network of trails, this is the future of cycling particularly as you see the popularity of gravel bikes, and we know our roads are just not that safe at the moment. Bring it on!

There is no safe route to and from Yatton and Clevedon other than a busy, winding road with many blind corners. It is unsafe to cycle and impossible to walk; the safest option is to drive

I cycle to Yatton Station every morning for work. A safer, traffic free alternative would be great. I look forward to seeing this become a reality

Would provide a safe way to cycle to Yatton train station as there isn’t one in Clevedon. Would also be an added bonus for leisure, a safe and enjoyable cycle path to go on family outings with our young children, going straight from Clevedon rather than driving to Yatton first with our bikes on the car.

I live in Clevedon, but work in Yatton so I do I see how beneficial the strawberry line is to the Yatton community. It would be amazing to be able to cycle to safely with my children to Yatton on a regular basis

I am a runner and would relish the opportunity to run from my home in Yatton to Clevedon. In addition to this I have a young family and we love cycling. It wohld be great to be able to cycle all together to Clevedon and to swimming lessons at strode etc. Opening up of the strawberry line would be great for the village of Yatton and the oder economy.

Lived in Clevedon for 13 years with a growing family who would have loved a safe cycle route for exercise and enjoyment. It is very difficult to cycle out of Clevedon with small children in a safe environment, and we have had to load up bikes and drive to Yatton to enjoy the Strawberry Line which has often led to us not using it.

As a family with young teenagers cycling to Yatton from clevedon has felt very unsafe due to traffic which has forced us to put all our bikes in my van and drive to Yatton station in two vehicles as my van has only 3 seats – this also means paying for parking! All in all we would use the cycle path far more if we didn’t need to drive to Yatton.

My wife and I love to cycle along the Strawberry Line but find the road between Clevedon and Yatton too dangerous. Even the minor back road is a “rat run” with cars doing high speeds. We are in our seventies so keeping active is important and an off-road route from Clevedon to the Strawberry line would be a real encouragement.

I live north end of Yatton . I cycle locally . I have on occasions cycled on the main road to Clevedon.It’s a hazard so unsafe . I no longer fill safe so I won’t use that road again . I fully support The missing link project . To be able to cycle to Clevedon safely in surrounding country , trees looking out for wild life , meeting others would be a joy it’s so good for ones mental health . Keeping fit and trying to be healthy is such a bonus. And why shouldn’t we be given this opportunity. It makes so much sense .

We live in Clevedon so it would be amazing to have the link from Clevedon without the need in driving to Yatton first – its just too dangerous to have children using the Yatton road – we need this link up!

About 5 or 6 years ago. I was struck with an illness, which meant I had to cut back on fatty foods and sugars and that kind of thing, so took up walking for health reasons. That said the illness is completely vanished and I’m as fit as a fiddle, the only problem is. I can’t stop walking I found that I really enjoy walking and on average over the last 5 years have walked over 2000 miles a year. I have used a strawberry Lane too cheddar route and found it an enjoyable and quiet Walk free of traffic, but plenty to see on the way. As I live in Clevedon, I had to drive to Yatton in the car. But would have preferred to have walked direct from Clevedon along a safe path. This proposal if complete I would much appreciate.

The provision of a dedicated path would be if huge benefit for those who want to cycle more but are to worried about using the highways. The extension of the Strawberry line would manifestly increase the opportunity for more pedestrians and cyclists

A cycle path from Yatton to Clevedon would benefit both communities as a sustainable environmentally friendly form of transport, and recreation. It would link Clevedon to the railway station in Yatton without the need for a car or bus journey first. The road from Yatton to Clevedon is terrifying for cyclists and even worse to try and use as a pedestrian. I only tried it once! We love the Strawberry line, and when the weather is good, we often take the bikes on the car rack to the start of the Strawberry line in Yatton – why not have the track start in Clevedon! No need for the car.

The cycle path from Clevedon to Yatton would provide a great opportunity to be able to cycle safely between local destinations (and as part of the wider strawberry line scheme). This is something that is not a reality at the moment. Those of us with children simply cannot take the kids out on their bikes, because there is nowhere safe to cycle, and cyclists are often injured and killed on the roads. There are great health and well-being benefits to cycling, (higher levels of fitness, reduced risk of heart disease, reduced stress etc.) and there would also be a positive environmental impact as those of us who commute between local towns would be able to do so by bike, reducing the traffic on the roads, reducing noise and air pollution. All in all I think this is a fantastic project with great benefits which we should fully support.

For safety, not worrying about traffic especially large trucks, and mad car drivers on country roads.

I should love to be able to walk from Clevedon to Yatton in safety while I am still fit enough. I am now 85 so I hope it is built fairly soon. It should be a peaceful walk free from noise and fumes.

It’s not easy to walk across the moors so this would provide a safe easy path.

I was born with a heart defect. So I’ve always been a bit tentative with exercise. Years ago I cycled quite a lot but hills have always been a problem. Now I’m 53 and would really like to use a bike again, but I’m too scared in traffic. A quiet, flat, beautiful route is eagerly anticipated!

I often cycle from Cheddar to Yatton, extending it would be amazing, I could get to the coast!

regularly cycle to yatton and clevedon using strawberry where available. less so Clevedon due to lack of Strawberry line continuation

As a keen leisure cyclists I feel it is important that cyclists and pedestrians are kept safe and away from traffic as much as possible.

For safe family access to the facilities and employment in Clevedon to reduce our car dependence and increase the opportunity we have to cycle regularly. Reduce road congestion into Yatton for train commuters.

So we can get to the sea side without having to get in the car

It’s a lovely area for walking our Labrador, who meets lots of other dogs and their owners. The bird life is amazing and children benefit from observing them and nature as a whole. A perfect environment for a fitness regime or just a casual stroll.

The extension of the Strawberry Line would provide a safer way for me and loads of other people to safely try to get fit!

I know many people who would cycle rather than drive if the strawberry line was extended.However, please, please consider turning the whole route into a bridle way too. Horses would not damage or hinder cyclists and walkers, and they desperately need more off road routes. Children using the route would love to meet the occasional horse and as to the mess, horse poo is just compost, nothing like the foul dog poo which some owners fail to pick up. I am a horse, dog and bicycle owner by the way.

Being a keen cyclist myself who uses the Strawberry line regularly, it would be great to extend it to Clevedon. It is in everyones interest cyclists, walkers, runners. From a personal point of view it would be fantastic to get this project sorted so that we can enjoy a safe environment for our three grand children. It can only be a massive health bonus and encourage the next generation into the great outdoors.

I am not a resident of either town, but as a non driver who walks everywhere, I realise the importance of having a safe and enjoyable route to take for all people in my position.

I’ve lived in the area for over 20 years and have walked and cycled with all of my children (& dogs) along the current Strawberry line throughout that time. Now some of them live in Clevedon, it would be fabulous to be able to extend that safe and beautiful walk/cycle ride to see them – and to create a safe place for the be t generation to enjoy the same pleasures!

To commute to Yatton and not use the main r

We do our best to keep active and cycling is our preferred way of doing this. We love to cycle and the Strawberry Line allows us to do this in a safe environment with no cars. We currently live in Clevedon so to have the route extended from Yatton to Clevedon would be great.

In 2018, I chose to cycle a selection of routes with my 4 year old daughter, starting in Cornwall and heading east, to Devon and then Somerset.When I found out about the strawberry line, I was excited as it was another suitable path I could use to get to an attraction (Cheddar gorge) which I did. If I could have started from Clevedon, I would have instead of staying elsewhere and driving to Yatton. Making suitable family friendly paths would help attract tourists (as well as assisting locals).

The road to Yatton and back from Clevedon is very bendy and is not safe to walk or cycle. A good path would get us out more and being away from the traffic would be safer and have less pollution.

I live in Clevedon but frequently drive to Yatton either to station or shops. Due to infrequent bus services and poor condition of roads and bust traffic of lorries, etc this dangerous route for cyclists. A cyclist path from Yatton to Clevedon would encourage me, and family to cycle more since the route would be safe and reliable.

Because the road is busy & dangerous

I have two young children and I loath this ‘electronic’ generation! However we are seriously lacking in safe cycle routes to enable us to go out as a family for weekend bike rides. As a busy full time working mum I look forward to my family time and would absolutely love to be able to take my children out at weekends for fresh air, exercise and quality family time but where I can keep them safe and off the dangerous roads.

We recently moved from Clevedon to Yatton on to the new chestnut development. However both my sons attend Clevedon school and have cycled to school since the day they started there. Since moving this hasn’t been an adoption because of the busy main road that carry’s large HGVs and cars use it like a race track. It would be so important to have a footpath/versatile path that links the two towns together and enables families to walk to the beach or to the next major town without having to use the car.

We make good use of the Strawberry line currently from Yatton to Congresbury and beyond. We make frequent trips to Clevedon for leisure, but currently have to go by car. We would use the extension for exercise; walking and cycling. We have friends in Kingston Seymour and the extension would provide a safe route to access KS and Kenn. It would cut down our car usage considerably and improve quality of life for all along the route.

We have made countless journeys by car to Clevedon over the years and would really benefit, like so many others, from being able to make the journey by bike. This is not currently feasible given the danger of the fast, narrow and twisty road to cyclists. It would provide a boost to local tourism, promote healthy exercise and reduce car emissions.

Parent of 3 children, we would love to be able to cycle to Yatton safely to see it cousins

I need the path to stay fit, to use my car less, to take my family out on safe bike rides away from main roads, and to attract more tourists to the area to help the local economy

We would like a “Green” way of accessing shops in Yatton that provide “green” alternatives to shopping eg spice shop, co-op, deli. At the moment we occaisonally go by car to Yatton but generally only shop there when passing through. If we could cycle we would go more often and get built in exercise on our bikes. Have you tried cycling across the Moors or on the main Yatton road, it’s too unsfe, the traffic is too fast. A cycle path would be great and get us to the Station, when we use the train. WE need more GREEN ways of travelling and this is a good one.

The cycle ride from Clevedon to Yatton, across the moors is fraught with dangerous speeding drivers who use the straight roads as a race course. The main road from Clevedon to Yatton is winding and often used by heavy trucks so isn’t safe for cycling adults or children. A cycle/pedestrian path would allow Clevedon people to increase fitness without danger!

The Clevedon to Yatton cycle path would provide a ‘green’ and safe connection to the railway station in Yatton, thus helping reduce dependency on the car / doing something positive about the Environmental Crisis. It would also open up great leisure opportunties and help the local economy.

I would use the path to cycle from Clevedon to the station at Yatton. 3 days a week. At the moment I use the car as I wouldn’t contemplate cycling on the roads.

I cycle from Yatton to Clevedon using the main road. At times this route is quite busy and dangerous and I would therefore like to be able to cycle freely and safely on the Strawberry line to Clevedon. As more houses are being built in Yatton surely we should be encouraging families to cycle more on a safe route.

It would be fantastic to be able to cycle safely to Yatton , to the train station or to join the strawberry line. I would love to be able to do this with my family and it would really help with the congested roads if people could cycle to the station and commute by train

It would broaden the traffic free availability for walkers and cyclists creating a safer environment for all

Anything to give ourselves and children a safe place to ride, walk and enjoy the outdoors should be extremely welcoming.

Cycling changed my life. I live in Portishead got a job in Clevedon. I couldn’t drive and I was lucky enough to be given a cheap bike. I was over weight and out of shape, being able to cycle to work meant that I got much fitter but also meant I had an inexpensive way to get to work. My career has gone from strength to strength all because I could cycle to work. Cycling empowers people and opens up new opportunities. Cycle lanes like the one proposed are integral to getting people on bikes.

Safety for my grandchildren

We are keen cyclist that like to cycle with grand children in a safe and enjoyable traffic free path.It would be our nearest cycle route.In the summer we always cycle the strawberry line, but currently have to load and transport loads of bikes. Reduce carbon emissions.Cycle power !!

I run and cycle the path from Congresbury to Yatton at dawn every weekend and some days when I am on leave. It is very therapeutic to see deer and birds on a misty morning. How much more beautiful this experience could be if the path could go all the way to the coast!

I would like to commute from Yatton train station into Bristol, helping to reduce the amount of traffic in Bristol and pollution – however I cannot safely cycle or run to Yatton from Clevedon and so rarely do this as I have to drive and pay for parking which makes it less environmentally friendly and more costly than just driving into work.

I live on the Strawberry Line and I think connecting it to Clevedon would only add to its appeal for families; walkers and cyclists – it is a beautiful path that everyone can enjoy, traffic free – and it creates a haven for wildlife amongst all the current building that’s going on – a lovely, safe escape. To get to Clevedon from the Strawberry Line in Yatton is extremely dangerous, having to cycle; walk or run along the Moor Road – so many people would use this new path – please make it happen for so many people in Yatton and Clevedon – and beyond!

we Have recently moved to Yatton from Clevedon and my eldest 2 sons go to school in Clevedon and would like to ride to school in the summer but have no safe route to get there! This cycle path would be a massive help towards them safely riding to and from school

We need a cycle path that joins the Strawberry line at Yatton due to the ever increasing amount of traffic that is now using the main road between Clevedon and Yatton.Car and lorry drivers seem to ignore any cyclist using this road.

Completing the strawberry line from Clevedon nto Yatton would mean that I could finally cycle everyday to work safely, taking one more car off the roads. I would also be able to take my children on weekend bike rides without first having to drive to Yatton.

Yatton station and it’s amazing Strawberry Line Cafe is a marvellous hub for cycling that riders of all skill levels can enjoy. Clevedon is a beautiful destination for committed riders willing to cross Kenn Moor’s narrow, unlit roads that many drivers use ignoring the speed limit. A cycle path link would gift beautiful Clevedon with the same ubiquity and safety as Yatton and be a huge benefit to the local tourist industry.

Commuting to central Bristol is challenging. Public transport is poor. There is very little well paid skilled work in Clevedon. The nearest rail station is Yatton, parking is limited and using a car non environmentally friendly. Safe cycling and waking access is essential.

It would be a safe cycle route for me and my family to enjoy together getting fresh air and exercise while having fun. We also have relatives in Yatton and we live in Clevedon so it’s perfect for keeping in touch

We need the safest option for young ones to be able to avoid roads with cars and have peace of mind that they would be on a walking/cycle path and be safe

The Strawberry line is the most important and valuable asset we have in Yatton and must be protected and extended for all to enjoy.

I am a social cyclist. I will not use the clevedon to yatton road, it is way to dangerous, but I would be happy to take planners and funders along the route and then ask them, “would you take your family along this road”. A safe route will encourage people from Clevedon to engage with the Strawberry Line and improve health and wellbeing. What is not to like?

The only way to travel to Yatton from Clevedon is by car, or to be able to access the strawberry line from Yatton. The road to Yatton from Clevedon is far too dangerous to cycle. In this day and age when we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our health by doing more exercise initiatives like this are really important.

I teach young riders, so having this kind of path is perfect for helping them do distance, safety, considerate and amazing them in how far they can travel under their own power.

As a Clevedon resident it is so frustrating, costly and environmentally unfriendly to have to drive to Yatton to join the Strawberry Line. The whole family would be able to access the lovely countryside whether walking or cycling and would bring many more customers to the wonderful Strawberry Line Cafe that provides vital support and work opportunities for people with Learning Disabilities….inclusive community at its best!

I’m in my 60s and I am not very confident in the road so this would be a nice safe place to ride and enjoy the countryside

I love walking along the strawberry line but find it annoying that I have to drive to yatton to start the walk, I would prefer not to use my car and start the walk on a car free route from clevedon. I only ever cycle on designated cycle paths and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be able to cycle along the Strawberry line cycle route.

I often get off the train at Yatton with my Brompton and Cycle to Cheddar on the delightful traffic free Strawberry Line. I would love to do the same To Clevedon. On a safe off-road Route. Just what the Area needs for Connecting Communities, with sustainable forms of Transport for Adults and Schoolchildren.and cutting down on your Carbon Footprint

I moved to Sandford 2 years ago and am an avid cyclist and regularly use the strawberry line for social rides with my wife and look forward to taking my new born son on it when he’s old enough to go in a trailer and eventually get him on a bike. The roads around Sandford are not conducive to safe cycling, especially with all the new infrastructure and developments going on now and in the future so the strawberry line is a haven! For it to be extended would be an incredible addition to allow us to go on extended days out. If was possible to link with Festival way, it would make it more feasible for me to commute by bike into Bristol which currently is not a particularly attractive nor safe proposition.There are numerous benefits to extending

I commute every day of the week from Clevedon to Yatton train station. If there was a safe cycle route I would definitely be use. Keeping me active and healthy plus’s keeping less traffic on the road causing more pollution .

As a family with young children and no car it is hard to find anywhere to ride our bikes that are traffic free. We have used the Strawberry line to access the Mendips and it will be fantastic if we can get to Clevedon and the seaside too. All using sustainable transport!

I work at a large hotel in Yatton and travel most days but would never ever cycle on the road it is dangerous and extremely busy with heavy lorries and sheer volume of traffic.

My husband has a serious heart condition which means that he can no longer exercise at the gym. Walking is great excercise for everyone and we now do it every day. Flat routes are especially important for us as my husband can not elevate his heart rate so a pathway from Clevedon to Yatton would be ideal. We wouldn’t need to drive to Yatton to access the Strawberry Line there. We now have a one year old whippet too who loves his walks and the proposed route would provide a safe stretch away from cars. Although not relevant to us, a route between Clevedon and Yatton would also provide a safe commuter route for cyclists travelling to Yatton station and beyond.

I live in Yatton and I try to avoid short journeys using the car. I believe we should all do our bit to halt climate change. North Somerset Council have declared a Climate Emergency and they should support Green initiatives like this.

A cycle / pedestrian link between Yatton and Clevedon will provide a safe sustainable transport link between the two villages and beyond. Yatton station provides a viable commuter route to the surrounding commercial centres but at present requires bus / taxi or private car journeys to,connect to Aclevedon. Cycling along the main road on dark winter evenings is extremely dangerous even for the most expert cyclists. Yatton also provides a gateway to the Mendips for cyclists many joining the Strawberry line to get down to Cheddar Gorge, providing this extension it will allow for a coastal finish and make the trai more accessible to novice and family cycling.

I would love a safe pathway to Yatton, where my teenage daughter works, and without transport she has to cycle in for her job as buses arn’t suitable for some of her shifts. The road is extremely busy with some narrow parts of the road where lorries and buses go along making her extremely vulnerable. An off road cycle path would help to keep her a lot safer and encourage her and myself to keep fitter and healthier.

Commute as close to road free from Wrington to clevedon

I could cycle or walk safely to see friends on the new housing estate in Yatton.Also we can cycle as a family on the Strawberry Line without having to drive to Yatton.

I would like somewhere safe and pleasant to teach my grandkids to ride a bike and to encourage myself and my wife to get out and excercise.

Would be safer travelling to yatton train station. Also would be used for family bike rides in the summer.

We use to cycle on the strawberry line but found it to dangerous to take our children on the road to Yatton and stopped cycling if was a safer way we would reconsider and start again using the line

I have two young boys aged 10 and 7, I do not feel the roads are safe enough for my children to ride on due to the volume of traffic and inconsiderate drivers. It would bring a huge lifestyle change for us to have access to a safe cycle route from our home town as there is nothing like this available in Clevedon.

My family would use the line all the time

We need the path in Clevedon as to get to the path in Yatton means you have to cycle on busy roads not suitable for children or older people

I used to live in Yatton, I now live in Clevedon, My Mum still lives I Yatton and we commute to Yatton regularly via car, I have 2 children a 4 year old and an 8 year old, and attempted to ride as a family to Yatton via the moors but found this to be to dangerous, if there was a safe cycle path without cars we would use it regularly, and help save the environment less carbon footprint.

A traffic free route between Clevedon and Yatton giving safe cycle connection between the two. Good for the environment, good for mental health, safer, a chance to reduce weekend car journeys.

I use the strawberry line a lot ,but I haven’t got a car so have to cycle from Clevedon to the start of the line along the very busy & very fast main road . I find that even with a high vis jacket cars go far too close & as the speed limit is 60mph far too fast .it can be very scary. I would really welcome a safe off road route to cycle all the way to cheddar.

Is would be a vital like for people to use the free cycle path for access and pleasure.To take young families out for the with out the worry of traffic.Clevedon needs this like

I am a member of Portishead Cycle club, part of the club rides include family ride outs, we need safe routes for beginners and family rides, sadly there are very few of these in the area. Encouraging people of all ages to get out and keep fit is essential, keeping safe during this activity is also essential. The proposed join up from yatton to clevedon would be a valuable link not only for recreation but it would enable commuters to access Yatton railway station safely.

I already use the Strawberry line as an alternative route to the other end of my village (Yatton) – much nicer than the high street with all it’s traffic. I also sometimes like to visit Sandford for a pleasant 10-mile walk (and to get cider from Thatchers!) We have friends in Clevedon and think it would be nice to not only be able to walk to visit them but also to be able to visit the sea front without adding to the road traffic.

I need a safe means of cycling to Yatton to catch the train. Cycling along the main road between Clevedon and Yatton is too dangerous so I always drive, which is not environmentally friendly.

I live in Wrington, my disabled son is in clevedon. I visit him regularly. How wonderful it would be to be able to cycle there, keeping fit in the meantime. I’d really feel I deserved to spend some money in the fantastic cafes in clevedon when I got there! How fantastic to be able to safely cycle to the seaside.

It would allow a safe route to get outside exercising, promoting good health.

We as a family living in Portishead often use the strawberry line for walks and cycling. The extension to Clevedon brings that access closer to us and many thousands of other families who desperately need greater access to recreational areas.

A safer route is needed to take pedestrians and cyclist away from busy roads, to allow kids to be active without the dangers of the open road. It would also benifit from tourist having a quiet safe place to take experience the county of Somerset. It’s just the right think to do.

We as a family would be able to ride out more and not need to take the car to Yatton Station to get to one of the best family friendly cycle paths around.

We need a cycle path between Yatton and Clevedon, as the road is always busy with cars and big lorries, and this will only get worse as more and more houses are built in and around the area, and lmany cyclists use the road also, putting themselves in great danger.

It is really good to have accessible paths for all levels of ability. A dedicated path would enable mums with prams and small children on bikes to use it.

Connecting local towns and villages in a way that promotes healthy lifestyles can ONKY be a good hint. Being outside, sharing spaces with our nieigubours – it’s perfect!

I am a walker and would love to see this path completed

I cycle regularly to yatton and beyond, I can go through Kingston Seymour or across the moors but the section from Kingston Bridge to Yatton is dangerous.It would be far safer to establish this vital link.

I am a keen cyclist living in Clevedon. I regularly use the existing Strawberry Line, and a connection to Clevedon would be a fantastic facility. It would encourage many more people from Clevedon to get on their bikes and enjoy the Strawberry Line

My walking group regularly use the Strawberry Line and its extension to Clevedon would be of great benefit tous

A safe and fun location to take my children walking and cycling……

I feel it is vital that there should be safe, easy and acknowledged access to the countryside. A walking / cycle path would achieve this end and provide gentle yet vital exercise for us older folk. I am a regular at the Strawberryline cafe and I think an extension of the walkway would benefit the cafe and the cafe would be a useful facility for those on the walkway.

There is no safe, NON-TRAFFIC route from Clevedon to Yatton for walkers and cyclists to connect to the existing Strawberry Line at Yatton Railway Station. I believe that with proper funding and wide spread publicity this venture will be well used by young and old alike for years to come.

Cycling through to Yatton station on the b3133 is not an option for my wife and I to use it is completely unnerving and therefore we have to use a vehicle to take our bikes through to yatton station which is the present start of the strawberry line adding to the congestion on what is a very busy road I am surprised that more people who travel this road on a regular basis in their vehicles don’t show more support for this initiative as it would help with their journey along this busy road the huge benefit that I believe this route would bring is for families with children who would not cycle if it was not for the creation of these safe routes may I just add that the people who.are in” charge of making these things happen if you do nothing else in your working life supporting this initiative would be something you could be very proud of and would earn you the eternal gratitude of the cycling families and walkers that would use this path

I enjoy my bike but would not cycle along the busy road between Clevedon and Yatton. I also enjoy walking and have walked from Yatton to Cheddar a few times ,it would be good to be able to walk from Clevedon to Cheddar without having to get my car out to first drive to Yatton station

A path to Yatton from Clevedon would encourage me to use the train to commute to Bristol rather than drive. It would also mean that both me and my family would be able to cycle much more frequently and more importantly safely which is difficult to do at present

My sons learnt to ride their bikes on the strawberry line from Yatton. It’s a shame we had to jump in our car to get there in the first place. Especially when we are trying to educate or boys about healthy lifestyle, minimising car journies to tackle climate change, etc. And the roads connecting Yatton to Clevedon and Portishead are fast and dangerous for kids to cycle along. If the strawberry line were extended, we would use it so much.

I am a mentor so by having a cycle path from clevedon to yatton would be great as my mentees love cycling and would get so much out of it


I have been scout leader since 2012 and you can’t get scouts safety to the strawberry line for a fabulous bike ride. So we need a connection badly.


It’s a dangerous cycle ride from Clevedon to Yatton and beyond. So, like most people, I drive and rarely cycle along the Strawberry line because of parking difficulties in Yatton and the problem of transporting bikes on the car. A route off-road (or on safer, quiet roads) would make such a difference and encourage frequent use of the bike rather than the car.

To enable me to cycle to Clevedon in a safe traffic free environment. I have used the current path many times, my favourite bit is between Congresbury & Sandford.

Cycling on the Strawberry line is great with young people but even better if we could get all the way to Clevedon. Off-road paths help young people to develop skills and confidence that can then translate to the road.

We need a cycle / pedestrian path betwen Clevedon and Yatton because it is at best dangerous to cycle / walk along the road. In a time when we need to encourage people to exercise this path should be prioritised, funded abd built. Thanks.

I run a triathlon club for kids. We use the Strawberry line weekly for our cycle training as cycling with a group of children on the roads is unsafe. During the summer we extend our ride to Clevedon and swim in Marine Lake. It’s tricky to organise because of safety on the road to Clevedon. The children 8 to 17 are trained in bike skills but many parents are required to support due to the roads between Yatton and Clevedon. The connection to Clevedon would mean Icontinue my work encouraging children to participate in regular outdoor activity ‘safely’. I have a Swim School of 350 plus NS many willl progress to triathlon club. The children deserve a safe route for all the effort they put into keeping fit and the fitter they get the further they wish to cycle so PLEASE find a way to extend the cycle path . They are the future cyclists , helping to reduce cars on the road. Ruth

We live in Clevedon and would love to use the Strawberry line, but driving with all four bikes then paying for parking puts us off, and cycling along the dangerous stretch of road through Yatton just feels unsafe for the kids. We’d use this a lot more if we could cycle safely right from Clevedon.

My wife and I are keen walkers and pleasure cyclists. We are looking forward to retiring soon so being able to cycle to Cheddar from Clevedon without the need to drive to Yatton station would be very welcome as cycling on the road is really not an option.

For the safety of my friends!

I believe a path between Yatton and Clevedon would provide a good, safe and healthy alternative to the present roads which can only become more busy and dangerous .

I now have many family members living in Clevedon I live in Claverham and consequently commute regularly. I enjoy riding my bicycle and a keen walker. I’ve regularly used the moors to commute but of late have found it quite harrowing with the volume and speed of traffic on the roads so welcome a the idea of a vehicle free connection. I also believe wildlife would also benefit from a corridor such as this and hope that it will entice more people outside.

It would be nice to have a safe cycle route out of Clevedon for me and my family as we currently have to load all the bikes and drive to Yatton to use the Strawberryline, as I don’t feel my children’s cycling ability is up to the standard to drive the dangerous road between Clevedon and Yatton.

We need a dedicated cycle/pedestrian path because at the moment the roads is very hazardous due to the amount of traffic and also the speed of the cars. Also the road has lots of potholes which you have to swerve to avoid, meaning you take your life in your hands!I also think horses should be allowed to walk along this new oath to Hazell them and their riders have somewhere safe to hack out- lots of drivers are very intolerant of horses.

We cyclists and pedestrians need a car -free way of travelling between the two towns. As well as promoting individual health and fitness, it also reduces the number of private car journeys.

As a member of the cycling charity Lifecycle UK Bristol we use the existing path and any increase in the facility would be used to extend the rides. Yatton is accessible by train and therefore popular with cyclists. It is also near enough to Bristol to use as part of a longer ride.

I am a pensioner who uses cycling as a means of keeping fit and mobile. The network of country lanes between Cheddar, Yatton, Weston-Super-Mare, Clevedon and Bristol, provide a variety of beautiful rides but it is bisected by some extremely busy major roads with, in most cases, facilities for cyclists or pedestrians to safely cross. For me, this limits the extent to which I can enjoy a very beautiful part of the world without considerable anxiety. An extension to the Strawberry path to Clevedon would open up my cycling jaunts, considerably.

I would like to improve my fitness and could do this with a safe flat link between Clevedon and Yatton. I would use it to visit my friends.

I am very keen on reducing my carbon footprint where ever possible and having a footpath/ cycle path from Yatton to clevedon would provide a safe way to travel to and from the station to get into Bristol or go to Exeter.

Having the pass would allow me and my boys to go out on longer safer rides and walks direct from home rather than having to drive somewhere park up and then start from there. We currently wouldn’t never think about cycling from clevedon to Yatton as the road is simply too dangerous as I have young boys and use a bike trailer there is no way I’d feel safe on the main road with the speed some vehicles go.

It will give myself and my young family a safer traffic free bike route to go for a bike ride as we are not confident to ride on the main roads.

As a recently retired person I have joined Life Cycle’s over 55 Group who regularly use the Strawberry Line cycle route.Cycling & walking are my main forms of exercise.Any effort to maintain or extend the route would be much appreciated by the whole group.

My children and I like to cycle together but it’s difficult to go far without lots of cycling on roads or first using a bike rack to drive to somewhere to cycle (not practical for me). We would love to be able to ride on a safe cycle track, to explore and enjoy being outdoors and getting fitter together. A link to the Strawberry line from Clevedon where we live would make this possible for me and my family. It would be very exciting in fact!

I would love to see the connection made to Clevedon, I am a runner/cyclist based in Clevedon, and getting to the Strawberry line can involve some awkward running over the Moor roads to Yatton to get onto the Strawberry line, and believe me it does feel like you are taking your life in your hands somedays!

Old railway routes should be preserved for future use which may include reinstatement as a railway. The road from Yatton to Clevedon is not suitable for cyclists and pedestrians. It will be a good extension to the existing Strawberry Line path. I am the author of the book “The East Somerset and Cheddar Valley Railways” (Lightmoor Press) which is due to be reprinted this year.

The existing Strawberry Line route from Yatton Station to Cheddar provides a safe place for all ages to get valuable exercise away from the polluted roads. The problem is getting to/from the start/finish. The roads from Clevedon to Yatton are becoming much busier and much more dangerous as each week goes by. Not everyone can transport bikes by car to Yatton creating an obstacle to using this simple, healthy and affordable pastime.

I love to visit the dear little cafe at Yatton station and Clevedon is one of my favourite places. To have an off road cycle/walking route between the two would be wonderful and would encourage me to get out there more often on my bike. Now that I’m older, I’m 60 years old, I really don’t like cycling on roads with traffic. I don’t like the noise and feel quite intimidated when vehicles pass close by.

A safe route from Clevedon to Yatton will provide a healthy and fast way for me to access the rail network using my bike. This will both reduce my car journeys and keep me fitter!

off road cycling helps to keep me – a pensioner – fit

I already with other likeminded cyclists and walkers use the strawberry line from Yatton to cheddar Somerset, yet have to take to the busy roads to go cycling to Clevedon. I love my cycling not just for my health but for the camaraderie that exists throughout the cycling fraternity. I believe once this path has been opened to the general public it will be used regularly by hundreds of thousands not just from the local area but throughout the uk and the rest of the world. I constantly meet and talk to fellow walkers/riders who have taken their holidays walking and cycling the strawberry line, the extra continuance to Clevedon would bring much added revenue to this wonderful country. It’s not just myself who needs this path but the whole uk. Please make this happen.

My family and I live in Clevedon. We really like to cycle the Strawberry line and often drive to Yatton to pick it up there. It would be just amazing to be able to leave the car at home and cycle from our doorstep, and one day see if we can get through to Cheddar and beyond. I also work in Bristol and drive to Yatton for the train. With the extension I would be able to cycle to Yatton instead, taking my car off of the road.

I’m a member of Bristol’s Lifecycle over 555s cycling group, and we regularly use the Strawberry Line as part of our ride programme. It would be wonderful to have another option for some traffic-free cycling!

I’m a regular cyclist on the Straw’ne and lanes and roads of North Somerset. My wife however is rather cautious of using roads but loves cycling to Chefdar and back. The only way to do this is to put bikes in the car and drive via Clevedon over to Yatton. If the route was extended to Clevedon it would be a short hop on mostly quiet roads to do the journey without using our car.

We regularly cycle to Clevedon from Congresbury and would love a safe and quiet route. It.’s always such a disappointment to come out onto the main road and battle with the traffic. Sometimes we just decide to go in the car instead.

Currently sufferering ill heath my husband has been advised to walk a mile a day and is finding suitable safe walking paths away from traffic, around our home (Kingston Seymour) to fit in this exercise & has to DRIVE (!!!) to another area, usually parking near to an access point for other parts of the Strawberry Line..The main road between Yatton & Clevedon is highly dangerous to pedestrians as there is a distinct lack of footpaths. With the huge housing expansion currently taking place in Yatton a safe route is urgently needed to Clevedon. It would be ideal for all ages, families with children and the older gernetaion too (of which I am one) to get healthy exercise away from the traffic, fumes and lack of suitable footpaths.

I cycle with tandem cycling group, Two’s Company. We ride with blind or partially sighted adults and disabled children. Any additional safe routes in the Bristol area are much needed.

Love in Portbury, work in WSM. Linking up Strawberry line would be great for my commute

This. would reduce the need to use the car at all would improve our physical and mental well-being would be able to take our grandchildren Being outside interacting with other people who cycle and walk the route.Could cycle to the train station and beyond

Being an advocate of public transport the major missing link in North Somerset is between Yatton station and Clevedon.To cycle this route you literally have to take your life in your hands.The strawberry line extension would make an incredible difference.

I would love to go for cycle rides Along the Strawberry LineBut am frightened by the volume of traffic, to get from Clevedon to Yatton! I haven’t been on my bike for a long long time, as there is no safe route!I was brought up in the country, where there wasn’t a lot of traffic, and I’ve neverGotten used to it!

I use Strawberry line regularly… and often to Clevedon. It would be fabulous to extend so I don’t have to ride along road

I live a few metres from the B3133 and take my life in my hands when I wish to pop round to neighbours or to the bus stop as there is no pavement, and in places, no verge at all (Kingston Bridge junction). Sometimes it is necessary to walk, besides being good for one’s health! In fact, a the provision of a path would inspire many more people to improve their health by taking exercise in the course of their daily journeying/relaxation. Currently I cycle to between Yatton and Clevedon far more often than taking the car or bus. My friends frequently shudder and say “how dangerous!” Surely the Council would wish to promote acknowledged safe access for its constituents?

I’ve ridden from WSM to Clevedon and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The road is quite dangerous for cyclists. I love Clevedon as a resort and a safe cycle/walking route there would be excellent. I for one would use it multiple times a year.

So I can cycle to work safely.

The existing work done on the railway is great but it is still very dangerous to ride with a young family when coming from Clevedon unless we go by car (which defeats the object).Please get this link built ASAP, it will be much loved and used.

As a non-driver, the Strawberry Line might as well be in Wales for all the use it is to me and my three sons on a bike or on foot, the town (Clevedon) is marooned, tantalisingly close but so very far from enjoying the strawberry line in a car free way.

We have 2 young boys who love the Strawberry Line but we don’t have a vehicle to get there from Celevdon, we’d all love to be able to cycle from our house and go for a nice long ride away from the road.

I personally would love this to happen for me to walk or cycle and with family in a safe environment without traffic to worry about and will cut down on people using vehicles

We often drive to Yatton to cycle the strawberry line with our Children. It would be great to be able to cycle there directly, better for the community and the environment, giving an option to reduce some unnecessary car journeys on these co-located towns.

I can remember the old “push and shove” steam train from Clevedon to Yatton, which I used to travel on to school. Sometimes we would walk along the track (illegal, I’m sure!) and I would love to see a cycle/pedestrian path now there’s, sadly, no railway line. My grand-children would really enjoy the safe cycle route and a lot of people I know would use it as a footpath.

cycling or walking form Yatton to Clevdon is not feasible due to the lack of pavements and the amount of traffic is growing as the significnat new building developments are completed. The path would support increasing an increase in healthy activities and thereby reduce some of the pressure on NHS from a healthier population. The path should also be open to horse riders

I have used the Strawberry Line route for many years and find the link from Clevedon (where I live) to Yatton across the Moors quite dangerous, especially the long straights. I cycle to Axbridge or Cheddar and much appreciate the off the road sections, it is so much more relaxing and less stressful. You get much more time to appreciate your surroundings whether it be flora or fauna. After the railway closure and before the M5, I would catch a train from WSM College to Yatton and walk the old Clevedon branch line to home. This link needs to be open to enjoy our beautiful countryside.

This would be a really invaluable asset to Yatton and the new Bloor Homes development. People could cycle and walk to Clevedon amenities, reducing traffic and pollution, and promoting sustainability.

It would be advantageous to have a safe link on which to cycle, as the roads are too dangerous.

I’m a resident of Yatton and I am a frequent swimmer in Clevedon Marine lake. At the moment the only real option is to drive as the main road is too busy for cycling. Having a cycle path would mean I could leave my car at home and cycle there instead, which would be much more beneficial for the environment and also for my own well being.

I use the current Strawberry line for walking to help me keep mobile. I have also used it with a pushchair for taking grandchildren for a walk and sometimes take my Mum in her wheelchair. It would be wonderful if we could walk to/from Clevedon.

I like cycling for fitness and just the pleasure of it. However, I find cycling in the UK somewhat scary. I therefor tend to do most of my cycling in cycle friendly countries such as The Netherlands and Germany. I would love to cycle more here and spend more of my limited money in the local area. Extending this cycle path would enable me to do so.

I need this path to keep healthy, enjoy nature, protect the environment and invest my leisure time and resources in Somerset. If it was open I would cycle to Clevedon and swim at the sea pool even more than I do now, as it is a long and cumbersome drive to get there. So good to be able to arrive by bike!

I can get to the Old Inn in Clevedon without having to drive and on a safe route exercise and a few pints!

I would like to ride the strawberry line but my car is to small to take my bike to Yatton station, so if I could ride from Clevedon it would be great and I could also cycle to the cafe.

We really need to provide safe spaces to encourage kids to love cycling and the outdoors. This cycle path would be a great way for kids and everyone to exercise and have fun. It would help small local businesses such as the Strawberry Line Cafe and businesses in Clevedon to have more people using the cycle path bringing people to the area.

When the Tutshill crossing is completed, it will mean I can catch the train from Worle to Yatton then cycle safely to Clevedon, then back home via Kingston Seymour, Tutshill and Wick St Lawrence.

I live in Weston Super Mare and enjoy cycling. I dont get out on the bike as much as I would like because of the inherent dangers of traffic on the major roads. Weston in area near us is quite well served with a network of cycle paths whilst you remain within the town. To go outside of the town your only option is to use the main roads. What is really needed is a network of paths between towns. Clevedon and Yatton as well as Weston and Clevedon. That would be great for the environment, health, tourism etc. Hopefully it would help remove some of the congestion off of the road network as a cycle ride between Clevedon and Weston could be quicker by bike than by car because of the congestion and may be a really viable commuting option for some people.

We regularly cycle to Cheddar from Clevedon. We have a 4 year old son so to make it safe for him we have used a trailer. However he is now too old for a trailer so we won’t be able to do the route until he is older unless we drive to Yatton to start our journey

I enjoy cycling for recreation and leisure and there is a total lack of safe cycle ways of any distance in this part of North Somerset. Such a cycle path would be greatly used by enthusiasts and families alike. Such an amenity is sorely needed and would be of immense value to those of us from Clevedon who use the rail link at Yatton. Link us up to Sustrans please

My daughter lives in clevedon & I would like to cycl over there. Good for my health & the environment as today I drive there as the roads are Too dangerous. My Grandson would then be able to cycle. Back with me.

I live near to the Peak District ,we have a number of cycle/pedestrian paths they are really well used, and have become a major tourist attraction people travelling from far afield to cycle or walk ,

I lived in Yatton for more than 30+ years and we (with our children) have cycled to Clevedon Pier; the journey took us using the B3133 (main road)to Kingston Seymour and then using the back lanes to Lower Strode road and onto Clevedon Pier. although this avoided much of the traffic, there were occasions where cars were also on the same back lanes; these lanes have lots of bends and cars are not always seen but heard and we took appropriate actions to avoid an accident. A cycle eun from Yatton to Clevedon would be much appreciated with more family using it….as with the current Strawberry line to Cheddar.

I am a leisure cyclist and often cycle from Chruchill to Clevedon as part of a round route. The section between Clevedon and Yatton is often the least pleasant and more dangerous stretch, especially if cycling with less experienced cyclists. It means using some busy main routes which link the M5 motorway with North Somerset which means cycling with cars, vans, lorries and buses of all sizes.

We live in westbury sub mendp and send our child to draycott and rodney stoke first school. It would be amazing to walk/cycle the strawberry line to school and connect both villages. It is too dangerous to walk or cycle the main road. My aon could bike and walk to meet his friends and it would be a safe and healthy way to commute to cheddar and wells. We already use the strawberry line to walk the dog or go on a bike ride and use it from cheddar to yatton which we currently drive to. It would be absolutely fantastic if the cheddar to wells part was joined so we could use it from our home. We would explore more of the line and it would help with mental health and fitness being active and outdoors.

It would allow my children and I to sadly cycle and exercise. It will cut significantly car vine and pollution, it will attract visitors to Hatton and Clevedon from Bristol/Weston etc who will be hungry and thirsty and ready to eat locally.

My situation is to keep Healthy and safe whilst cycling. This new path would help the very young to the ‘not so young ‘

We are a young couple living in Yatton, we are very active, walking, running and cycling regularly. At the moment, if we need to go to clevedon we will either drive or takebour lives in our hands by cycling on the horrible roads. If the strawberry line opened up to clevedon, we would be able to cycle safely, helping to reduce emissions and cost to us. As well as this we would be much safer while running and cycling. And our dog would get better walks!

A cycle path/foot path from Yatton to Clevedon would be of great benefit and enable safe cycling/walking/running between the two towns. This would also link up with the proposed path from Weston super mare to Clevedon and encourage exercise and links between the two communities which may also help those that currently commute by car. I regularly ride between Weston super mare and Clevedon and would feel safer being able to choose to use an off road route.

I am a keen cyclist and would find this traffic free path a great feature and a sustainable transport , non polluting, way to get to Yatton.

I live in Draycott, Nr Cheddar and I love to cycle to Yatton during the lovely summer days we have in here in Somerset. However, I would love to go further. All the way to Bristol perhaps? Anyway, it should not be about where I can travel but who can travel. The dangers on the roads in Somerset have increased exponentially with no solution in sight. Except building the Strawberry Line path and completing the Somerset Circle.

As a teacher in Cheddar and living in Clevedon I used to cycle to work twice a week. Cycling from Yatton to Cheddar on the Strawberry Line was a joy, although the surface needs upgrading in my opinion. Getting to Yatton from Clevedon was a totally different story as it is almost impossible in places for two cars and a cyclist to pass at the same point safely. I had several near misses and one very close involving a speeding white van! This a much needed commuter route, especially for those wanting access to Yatton station.

Living in Portishead the extension to the Strawberry Line would give me and many others safe access to the wonderful countryside that is the Mendips and Somerset. The main road and the secondary route across Kenn Moor has become increasingly busy and appears to be a major link for vehicles from North Somerset to the Motorway interchange at Clevedon. In addition the traffic to and from the International airport has grown enormously and many drivers are using this route rather than the prescribed one via Cumberland Basin, the incomplete Bristol ring road and the A38.

I work in Clevedon and live in Yatton. I have to drive as the bus service is not regular enough for commuting. I used to take my son to work in clevedon thereby making two journeys in the mornings as the buses did not run early enough for him to get to work on time. The cyclists and pedestrians we passed on our many journeys were in real peril, particularly when dark. I really cannot understand why at least a narrow footpath cannot be created on the grassed areas at side of road as at least pedestrians would not have to walk on the roads. If there was a safe option to cycle I am sure car journeys would be cut significantly but currently it is a dangerous option.

I live in Yatton and really enjoy visiting Clevedon, although the current route is really dangerous to ride and really bad to run. The extension will allow me to go to Clevedon without having to take the car.

To provide and safe path between Yatton and Celevedon to allow cycling rather than car use. This will help reduce road traffic, risk of accidents involving cyclists along the main road and help improve fitness and mental welbeing for residents who like to use the cycle paths in the area.

I love cycling and have been cycling whole of my life but now (age 69) use an electric bike which is too heavy to lift into my car. So cycling from Clevedon to Axbridge and back would not be a problem if there was a cycle path from Clevedon to Yatton. What better way to keep fit than cycling!!!!

I need a cycle path from Clevedon to Yatton to complete the North Somerset circle. Starting at Yatton I can cycle the existing Strawberry Line to Winscombe, I can then use small country lanes to cycle through Barton, Webbington and Bleadon. From Bleadon I use a short section of the A370 (cycle lane please) to get to Uphill, from here I can cycle to W-S-M seafront. From W-S-M seafront I will soon be able to cycle on the planned cycle path to Clevedon. That just leaves the missing link from Clevedon to Yatton.

We need the path to have a safe route to cycle to Clevedon. A cyclist was badly injured recently cycling the main route to Yatton and having cycled it myself it is a very dangerous road as there are few passing places for cars and lorries which forces them to take chances and pass dangerously. Also in this modern era of inactive kide it gives kids a safe route to Clevedon where they can do other activities.

The bus to yatton to catch the train in the morning is not there. Cycling across the moor in dark winter months is too dangerous. I’m back to driving my car to work now but would love to cycle to train station instead.

Having family in Yatton, we visit often with our young children to the area. It would widen opportunity of family days out knowing we could get to and from Clevedon without having to jump in the car. Currently we don’t bother leaving Yatton as all too often the traffic is a nightmare with congestion. Please bring back family day trips to Clevedon…there is so much to do there!

I travel to London regularly fromYatton station . I live in Clevedon so I have to take the car to the station. If there was a safe cycle route I could cycle to the station and back .I would also use the route to cycle and at weekends. Recently I cycled the strawberry line from Ystton to Winscombe which was a great safe route but I had to take the bike by car to Yatton first .

The current strawberry line is a great resource, but if it can be linked to a large settlement such as Clevedon it will enable a large number of families and individuals to access a traffic free route without the need to drive to get there. This will not only tackle the increasing issues with air quality but also the ongoing child obesity epidemic. If parents do not have routes on which they feel their children will be safe it provides another excuse for lack of physical activity. The route is not just about cycling either, the large numbers of walkers on the existing strawberry line will attest to its benefits to their health and wellbeing. Extending the route can only be beneficial to all in North Somerset.

Trying to keep my environmental footprint down, i cycle to Clevedon at least twice a week from Yatton. The B3133 is dangerous and the alteratives are long and one has fast cars. A Clevedon link would make that journey safe. Additionally, when i drive the route by car cyclists cause long delays due to the windy, single track road. I have seen this lead to road rage and dangerous overtaking in other drivers. A death will occur shortly, I’m sure.

I’d love the start of my regular wonderful cycle from Yatton to Cheddar to not start with a treacherous first section, from my home in Clevedon! I love cycling as it’s cheap and great for my physical and mental wellbeing, but not when I have cars driving past me at 40mph.

I often do this cycle, and a designated cycle path would make my cycle a lot more safe.

I don’t drive and find cycling an important way to get around.

As a keen cyclist and a regular user of cycle paths including Nailsea to Bristol, Bristol to Bath and the Strawberry Line the extension to Clevedon would provide a much needed safe route between the two towns. Providing a separate route for cyclists, thereby taking them off narrow roads with fast moving traffic, would benefit both cyclists and drivers of motorised vehicles.

I regularly (weekly) travel from Yatton to Clevedon to swim at the marine lake or the leisure centre. I also take my young family to Clevedon to play on the beach, Ladye Bay, the shops or Curzon cinema. All these journeys are by car. We would make these journeys by bike if we could but the road is unsafe for children and very unpleasant for adult cyclists. Given the large housing development in North End Yatton, this road will be busier and busier in future. A cycle route would reduce car journeys and contribute to improving public health and fitness.

To keep my arthritic knees in good shape after losing my right ACL to a sporting injury I cycle almost everyday around the village where I live which has become increasingly dangerous with HGV vehicles and if the Strawberry line for cycling were to be extended from Yatton to Clevedon would extend the opportunity for me to a take my Grandchildren cycling in safety too!

I walk the dog. I play with the kids out on nature walks. I run for fitness, mental health and fun. I would like more safe walkways. I love the countryside. Please extend the strawberry line! It’s such a shame that the path ends at yatton. There’s no safe pathway to clevedon I’d love to get there without a car.

I currently use my car at least 2 times a week to travel between Bristol and Clevedon. If the strawberry line were extended between Yatton and Clevedon I could do it by bike and train.

Cycling is an excellent way to exercise from age 3 to 93 and offers so any benefits to the communities health and environment. It would connect a large population to a brilliant cycle path suitable for leisure and commuting.

It would provide a safe route to Yatton that is traffic free and enjoyable for all of my family.

I’m not a cyclist but I’m all for having s dedacated cycle way not only between Clevedon and Yatton but it should continue through to Portishead. This would allow the cyclists to not only ride in safety along these routes but keep the road safe for car drivers as well. It’s not going to be long before there’s a major accident somewhere along this route. Not all car drivers are considerent to the cyclists and this works the other way as well in that not all the cyclists are riding safety. I also think if this cycle way is ever opened that it should be compulsory for all cyclists to use it. I’ve withheld my 2nd name and email cus I don’t want the hassle I know would follow if you do publish these comments

We have a number of employees who finish shifts and cycle from Yatton to clevedon often after midnight and in the dark, the road is dangerous.

Currently it isn’t safe to cycle from Clevedon to yatton to get on the strawberry line. At present I would drive my car to Yatton to get on the Strawberry Line. If there wee a dedicated cycle route to link to the strawberry line it would reduce the environmental impact of driving to get there. We are about to purchase a trishaw bike for the elderly residents in the care home I work in who would love to go out on the strawberry line but again would mean using a vehicle and is not very accessible for them to keep transferring from vehicle to bike, it would be much easier for them to get there all the way by bike

I have been chronically ill for 13 years, losing many jobs and struggling to find any treatment. Cold water swimming and stress free off road cycling have improved my health enough for me to get back to full time work after repeated periods of unemployment and as a result, unstable living arrangements. Since moving to the area I have been largely unable to get to the marine lake due to the difficulty in getting from Yatton to Clevedon because of the 5 mile unprotected roadway that currently joins to the two, this road is simply not safe for vulnerable road users. A cycle path from Yatton to Clevedon will enable me to swim regularly in Clevedon for the benefit of my health and everything else that comes with it.

Cycling helps my mental health and keeps me smiling and happy,inside and out.

My wife and I are regular cycle tourists and we completed Land’s End to John O’Groats unsupported earlier in 2018. As Clevedon residents we believe that a safe cycling route to Yatton would open up the cycling opportunities in this area in the same way that similar connections have done that we come across regularly in other parts of the country. I also work in Bristol and a safe off-road cycle route to Yatton railway station would make it much more likely that I would cycle to get the train instead of driving as I do now, especially during the dark mornings and evenings when even the back roads can be quite dangerous for a cyclist. We fully support the Strawberry Line extension to Clevedon.

Frequent visitor to Yatton and really appreciate the existing Strawberry Line walk with its abundant birdlife. Sadly to get to the coast I have to use the car.

I grew up in Yatton and have had to cycle to Clevedon many times as a youngster. It’s not a safe road to cycle on and there is no walkway. Yatton and Clevedon are very cut off unless you drive as the bus service is awful. I would love to see the strawberry line opened to Clevedon to make it safe to cycle there and not have to use a car.

To give safe access to yatton train station

The roads out of Clevedon are limited to Yatton / Nailsea and Portishead. They are all similar B roads without pavements (in the main) and busy routes with HGV traffic, clearly not suitable for bicycle and pedestrians. We have been waiting for a very long time for this link to be created to the existing path and please can it happen soon. With outdoor exercise seen as the best way to deal with body and mental health, this must surely be a project that should have much more priority than it currently does. extending the link will also generate more local spend both in Clevedon and along the path as more people will be using it.

Yatton is the nearest train station to Clevedon. A pedestrian path would allow the people of Clevedon, who commonly work in places like Weston and Bristol to commute to work in a more economically friendly way. The road to Yatton is a dangerous one for cyclists, I’ve personally witnessed a few near misses myself to the point where I am far too nervous to attempt the journey, and have instead had to request a lift to the station! It seems like a no-brainer, and much easier than asking for the roads to accommodate cycle lanes.

The road between the two is very busy and dangerous to cyclists. I live in Yatton and visit Clevedon regulars, I would far rather walk or cycle and a purpose built path.

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