Strawberry Line extension making progress!

10 February, 2019

Following the combined efforts of local Strawberry Line groups, local councillors and North Somerset Council, cycling is becoming safer in North Somerset. Planning has now been approved to allow for a cycle crossing from Wick Saint Lawrence across the waterway into Kingston Seymour. To complement this cycle friendly development, Bloor homes have been showing off their cycle path and bridle path that runs through their new development from Arnold’s Way in Yatton to local Council Officers and Councillors.  

It is anticipated that the local communities in a North Somerset and beyond will soon be able to continue along the popular Strawberry Line route through to the back lanes of Kingston Seymour and onto Clevedon via the existing paths running from Yatton Station and joining up with the Bloor path without having to cycle on the busy main road to Clevedon. The full car free route into Clevedon will follow as the project is progressed. 

The newly formed Strawberry Line to Clevedon Group ( SLiC ) have now joined up with the existing Strawberry Line groups under the umbrella of the Strawberry Line Society,  providing the missing link to join the path to the coast at Clevedon.  

Sue Cooper from SLiC said “ Our group is very excited to be working with and supporting the other groups along the Strawberry Line,  North Somerset Council and Sustrans. It has been great to see the level of local support for this new route “  

SLiC were really pleased to be able to update North Somerset Council officers at the recent Strawberry Line meeting held at Winscombe Cricket Club about the support for the project from the local communities – over 1500 have registered their support via the Strawberry Line to Clevedon website. Over 300 people have shared their stories as to why the extension would be important to them.

SLiC are soon to launch their 2019 calendar of events, you will see them at key locations in Yatton and Clevedon encouraging local people and visitors to register their support via the website, or by signing up to the campaign there and then.

With the help of a range of local sponsors including That Copy Shop and Objective 1 and The Curzon Cinema posters and flyers will be seen around the area raising public awareness for the project with the aim of demonstrating the weight of local support to North Somerset Council and other local interested parties to ensure the current momentum is maintained. 

SLiC is focused on mobilising support for a safe traffic free route between Yatton & Clevedon based on the Old Strawberry Line route. They are going to be gathering a target of 5000 signatures over the next 12 months to show that the local communities feel this is very important to them. They are also going to be getting hands on, helping clearing parts of the potential route owned by the council so suitable surveying can take place. Fund raising is also going to be part of on going work to help with costs as they are identified by NS council. 

SLiC are now looking for a volunteer to join the group to act as their Social Media Co -ordinator. Geoff Richardson, secretary for SLiC says “ we are looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to co-ordinate the information that SLiC generates and shares via social media to make sure our local communities are kept up to date on progress and on how they can help “ .

It is anticipated that the role would require approximately 5 hrs a week from someone with experience across a range of social media platforms, with the ability to carry out relevant research that would support the cause of the group. For more detail or to express an interest please contact SLiC via To register your support and to keep up to date on progress visit     or visit our Facebook events page

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